Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is the most fun you can have standing up.

Arnold Gingrich

San is a perfect river to enjoy this pleasure. Every part of it is astounding and remarkable. Broad, torrential, wild, sometimes even out of control whilst making its way through the Bieszczady Mountains. Abounding in plentiful of fish species, including those most desired: brown trout, grayling, huchen. A confirmation of this are regular national as well as international championships – World Fly Fishing Championships (1985, 2010), European Fly Fishing Championships (2005). The section between the Zwierzyń Dam and the Osława River confluence, as many recognised fishermen claim, is one of the best fly fishing sites in Europe. Catching several foot-long graylings within a couple of hours happens quite frequently especially in June.

In terms of angling the San in this part can be divided into two sections. One is a special section from the Zwierzyń Dam to the Hoczewka estuary and another one from the Hoczewka estuary to the Osława estuary.

The special section is a place of extraordinary protection of the brown trout, grayling and huchen spawners. It is a roughly four-miles-long stretch of river under special protection, where only fly fishing technique is allowed on a ‘catch-and-release’ basis (no kill) and only a limited number of anglers may fish at the same time. The fishery is rich in large specimens of brown trout, grayling.

Down the Hoczewka estuary the fishing restrictions are slightly more relaxed as spinning is allowed. There is a comparable to the special section amount of fish, but it’s harder to catch large specimens. Sites such as Łączki, Postołów, mountain Sobień or the Osława estuary are known to a large number of anglers not only from Poland.

Big, beautiful fish, great river with the surrounding wildlife and unforgettable views – all awaits those who come go fishing to this beautiful place.

All-inclusive fishing holidays

A week-long stay (seven nights, six days of fishing) costs €1050 per person (€1150pp one or two people).

The price includes:

  • Transport from and to Rzeszów airport.
  • A very comfortable accommodation.
  • All meals included – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Delicious homemade food prepared by us. The size of each portion depends on appetite.
  • Transport to and from fishing sites.
  • Guiding (one guide per max. six fishermen).
  • Visiting interesting local attractions.
  • Learning of preparing artificial flies for the beginners.
  • Polish night – degustation of Polish spirits, local cheeses, homemade cold meats and cakes.

Should you be interested in alternate offers please don’t hesitate to contact us for the details. We are more than happy to help!